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Dua for happy married life:- is the most important in the life of the marriage events has the love because on these days we feel that we are the luckiest person on the earth who has the true partner love in our lives. Most love birds decide to get the marriage of the love , because they think they will live the happily ever a after if they got a love marriage but the sometime much kinds of the difficulties and the problems n marriages but sometime much kinds of the difficulties and the problems in the marriage love is the achieved especially in our country, because here we have the different culture, where are the our parents and he relatives did not the permit marriage love but you should want to the make a love marriage and to many times try that your parents are agree with your love marriage .

If you have the kinds of the problems in your life use the Dua for happy married life services, since the it is assumed that the family members by the natural means. Dua for the love marriage will automatically change to the think family members so you get the unforgettable love marriage. Dua is considered specialist prayer that is the made by the UN MUSLIM as is done with the depth of the heart with the total concentration is the dua is the happening. Dua prayer is a part of the self mode of threw word of the bottom of the heart in a particular prayer for the guidance of the Allah pares overcome difficulties and the mysterious sources.

If dua prayer in the done by with the secret and the full faith in the mystery of to Allah, then the chances of the result are the increasing. It is very necessary that the Dua for happy married life should be made after considering the purity of the soul and confidence in the divinity of to Allah existence. Depression is the mood that the blind the general mental ability to think and make a decision and if the depression extend above a limit, which can lead to psychic complaints such as heart attacks and the seizure of the madness.


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