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Dua for parents:- Parents have highest right over the offspring. Therefore in Islam bounded very strongly the offspring to do the prayer for the them. To be a habitual in the Dua for parents Allah the almighty himself pointed out the way mother gave the birth to their child, and how they both, mother and the father took care their children, verity nobody can compensate that reward except Allah. Here we have given some of the prayer that are the considered to be India for the parents according to Quran as well as proven fro nether dua. Every child has faced a different problems when the parents did not agree with them and before them to choose the step which they like.

No one can rule their parents due to love and affection in relationship as it is father and the mother cares that maker child strong enough to face the changeover. As father and the mother is always concern for the children so with the positive Dua for parents you can accomplish your wishes without any problems. Generally it is seem I every family that parents want that their child ibis follow his step either it is regard with the career or the other any cause. Time has changed and the now children think that they must follow other trends in life. Sometime despite regular effect, children could north convince tier partner. There is a generation gap between child and agents and in the changing tradition it has become a big problem.

The change in life style, various, career option, education, wishes, where parents did not agree with their children due to their apprehension that it may cause problems to child in long run. Dua for parents After child fail in regular attempt for the winning confidence of the parents, then one go in mental trauma. A every individuals has the different tough and the idea and to date with destiny, one search for the mother and to father dua services. Generation gap between child parents does not make easy that one can win his or her father and the mother confidence by love and affection every time.


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