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Islamic dua:- Muslim should get in the habit of the remembering Allah in everything we do. In the following presages, readers will find the supplication for the many different things. And who is the better to follow and the learn from this our holy prophet. He saw was the perfects and model because his action and the behavior were the exemplary. Islamic dua is an Arabic word meaning to call out or to summon. It is the powerful mean to be in contact an Allah. It is the best way to be in contact with the allay. Many people do not know the Arabic dua that are the written in the quran help us and the ask Allah for the daily matter for to help..

So with dua can be better than those mooned in the Quran? Let us tell you some dua supplication from the holy book. It is the better to solve the all problems as soon as possible before it takes a hike, allah will help us in every sort of the problems and the it is our duty to the remember him in our failure, success and the show your gratitude towards him. Because the Allah re wards those who had they do some good deeds and the always show gratitude towards Allah. Islamic dua will surely do work in the exchange he only the need from his followers to keep faith and the patience to achieve their desired result..

You must perform a dua at the am place and the time every day and the heart must be clean and the dua must be the performed with the good intentions to get the rid of the all your problems. if you the doorbell above the points then the dua will not the work. Islamic dua must be the performed very neatly and the properly to make it the work. In the some days god will send you sun sign to resolve the al problems that have the come into your life. you can make any proems to go away if you perform dua to get rid of the al problems but it does not means that you have the put all your hope in Allah site idle. To make it the work you should also put some of you effort to remove all the problems because the Allah appreciates hard work and sincerity.


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